Arkane ink tattooArkane has been involved in art all her life, having grown up in europe where the arts culture is strong and being exposed to a lot of illustrative styles as a child, Arkane discovered anime to be her favourite, its no wonder the japanese cartoon style  has had a massive influence on Arkanes art.

More recently Arkane has become more heavily involved with live painting, exhibitions & murals.  Her most recent project titled light alchemy the transmutation of color explores manipulation of how we see color to make our minds believe that static images are moving on canvas. for further information please refer to this article written by the Ballarat courier:  Artist challenges us to take another look

Arkane prefers to create designs and tattoo in a style inspired by mixture of anime and  realism, then blends them in a method influenced by elements  seen in traditional tattooing.

Arkane also studied photography,  owned and operated a photography and fine art printing studio before moving into the visual arts field, her photography services are still available but bookings are limited.


if you wish to contact her please visit  in person or use the information on the contact page